NRI Services


Services to NRIs


  • We look after the lands, assets and properties of NRI Brahmins in Thamizhnadu on specific instructions (for rental, lease, sale / purchase).
  • We assist NRI Brahmins in respect of their Indian co-ordination for social, educational, professional, investment, industrial and business matters.
  • We undertake to conduct marriages for the NRI Brahmins for their children on a total package basis on specific request.
  • We encourage and assist NRI Brahmins to buy back their Agraharam properties, if any.
  • We assist the NRI Brahmins by providing horoscope and marriage match making services.
  • We assist NRI Brahmins by undertaking to look after their family senior citizens living in Thamizhnadu.
  • We undertake liaison services for NRI Brahmins with regard to matters in the Government of Thamizhnadu, Governments in other states and Central Government in New Delhi.
  • We look after and render services to look after the minor children of NRI Brahmins studying in the residential schools / colleges.
  • We render counseling services in all matters in Thamizhnadu as required by NRI Brahmins.
  • We undertake and make all arrangement to NRI Brahmins to visit various temples in different parts of Thamizhnadu.
  • We undertake to provide travel and tourism arrangement including local logistics support for the NRI Brahmins.
  • We provide Vedic, Purohit and catering services to the visiting NRI Brahmins as required.
  • We provide Aparakarya services support to NRI Brahmins in the event of their family elders’ demise in Thamizhnadu.
  • We provide screening services in a confidential manner to NRI Brahmins in respect of matrimony and other areas.


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