Continuing Achievements
1. In the last 32years of existence in Thamizhnadu, we have distributed through our State Body, District Bodies and Hundreds of units, several crores of rupees to our community towards aid for education, poor marriage and medical aid.
2. We have conducted thousands of Samashti Upanayanams to our boys.
3. Eventhough response from our community is lukewarm, we have conducted several Samashti Vivahas in various centres.
4. We have held State Conferences at the following centres.
  1. Palani during 1981.

  2. Tiruchirapalli during 1983

  3. Trichy again during 1987

  4. Chennai during December 2005
In the IVth State Conference held at Chennai, nearly 1.5 Lakh Brahmins took part, thus making it the biggest ever Brahmins Event in the State of Thamizhnadu. This conference established the solidarity of Brahmins and got better recognition to Brahmins from the political parties, Governments and Government Officers
5. We have brought out a rare and unique publication of Research Book consisting of 5 volumes, titled “Arunthondratiya Thamizhaga Andhanargal” – this covers last 2500 years of huge contribution of Brahmins in different walks of life – Price Rs.500/- only.
6. We have brought out exclusive songs for our association, titled “Thambraas Manthra” both as Audio Cassettes and CDs
7. We have established a registered charitable trust called Tambras Foundation with 80G Exemption from IT Department for rendering various welfare measures. We solicit donations for our Corpus Fund for this Trust.
8. We are running free old age home for destitutes at Madurai wherein presently 30 inmates are taken care.
9. We are owning and providing Ambulance Services at Madurai, Nagercoil, Coimbatore, etc.
10. We have been periodically conducting blood donation camps, free medical camps, eye donation camps, etc as a part of our welfare projects.
11. We are in the process of creating an exclusive Brahmins Vote Bank in Thamizhnadu so that our bargaining power is not only established but also sustained for all times to come.
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- ஜெ.சீனிவசன், ராமநாதபுரம்
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